Side-Scrolling Action-RPG Pharaonic Hits PS4 Tomorrow, June 28

A side-scrolling action-RPG set in Ancient Egypt, Pharaonic from Milkstone Studios is coming to PlayStation 4 tomorrow, June 28, in North America and Europe.

Pharaonic sees you exploring a vast kingdom full of danger and enemies as you uncover the truth behind Ahmosis I, the Red Pharaoh. Receiving help from the Daughters of Ishtar, as well as the oppressed countrymen, you’ll learn new skills, drink from your life-water canteen to heal injuries, and loot new gear to defeat the enemies.

Pharaonic takes the excellent combat design of Dark Souls and adapts it to a faster paced side-scrolling environment,” the description adds. “Use your shield to block and parry incoming attacks, manage your stamina and wait for your chance to attack and defeat your enemies. A single mistake can be fatal, so stay on your toes to avoid making any.”

Here’s the list of features:

  • Explore an Ancient Egypt full of traps and treacherous enemies
  • Exhaustive, refined and satisfying combat system.
  • Complete character customization, with hundreds of pieces of equipment at your disposal.
  • Face impressive bosses and their minions in epic fights full of tension.
  • Talk with plenty of colorful characters to fill the blanks in your memory and learn what’s happened to the kingdom.
  • Lots of secondary paths to explore, full of treasures and traps.
  • Dozens of weapons and shields with different combat styles.
  • Use the powers of the Gods and cast spells that will help you in your journey.

Pharaonic will cost $15.99/€15.99 and features 57 Trophies, including a Platinum.