This 12-Minute ABZU Gameplay Playthrough Will Make You Want to Take a Journey

Heard of ABZU? No? Are you a fan of charming indie games like Journey? If the answer to that is yes, you really ought to give the ABZU PS4 gameplay video above a watch. 

Looks and feels a lot like thatgamecompany’s Journey, doesn’t it? Well, they’re not ripping the game off if that’s what you’re thinking. In development by Giant Squid, the founder of the studio is Matt Nava, the art director of — yep, you guessed it — Journey and Flower, which kinda makes the whole Journey vibe entirely OK.

As to what exact game ABZU is, I can’t even say myself. It seems to be an underwater exploration, simulation…thing? Regardless of genre specification, it looks so clean and calm. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the ocean depths but was too scared to do so in real life (like me!), then ABZU might be the perfect game for you.

We’ve fortunately been able to get a preview of ABZU at this year’s E3, which you can read about right here. Our own Paulmichael Contreras Jowi Meli seemed impressed by what he saw.

Intrigued? ABZU is set for release this August 2 for the PS4 and PC.

[Source: PlayStation Access]