Sony: Every PlayStation VR Game Will Support the DualShock 4 (Update)


Sony has changed their original statement and now say that some games will require the PlayStation Move motion controllers.

Original Story:

In response to the PlayStation VR game box arts that popped up recently and say “you’ll need these” – showing the headset, PlayStation Camera, and PlayStation Move controllers – Sony has issued a statement to Eurogamer clarifying that the DualShock 4 will work with all PSVR games:

All PlayStation VR titles will support DualShock 4 controllers. However some game experiences will be enhanced with the use of peripherals such as Move or the recently announced Aim controller.

Images being shown of PSVR packaging on some websites are early mock ups and not representative of the finished packaging.

You can see those mock ups in the gallery below, with some game boxes saying PlayStation VR is required, while others say the game is PlayStation VR compatible. The wording also differs depending on your region.

PlayStation VR releases on October 13 and some of the launch titles include Batman: Arkham VR, EVE: Valkyrie, PlayStation VR Worlds, RIGS, and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Sony says more than 50 games will be available for PSVR by the end of 2016.

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