UNO Coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC on August 9

Ubisoft and Mattel announced today that UNO is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 9.

Developed by Ubisoft Chengdu, the new UNO game will have the classic UNO gameplay, as well as online and social features, including drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, voice and video chat, and weekly and global leaderboards. For those unfamiliar with UNO, there will be interactive tutorials, in-game tips, and the house rules will be displayed before every match.

Here’s a look at some of the classical rules in UNO:

  • Stacking: When a Draw Two or Wild Draw Four is played, play the same type of card to add to the penalty and pass it down to the next player.
  • 7-0: Playing a 7 allows you to swap hands with another player, and playing a 0 forces all players to take their hand and pass it down in the order of play.
  • Jump-In: For the first time on consoles, Jump-In is available for play! Whenever a card is played, if you hold an identical card, you may play that card out of turn.

You’re also able to make matches as crazy as you want with House Rules.

More details on UNO are available on the official site.

Ubisoft will also be releasing Battleship and Risk Urban Assault next month for PS4.

[Source: Ubi Blog]