Rocket League Matchmaking Update is Live, Tweaks Party System

Rolling out today, August 3, Psyonix Studios has shed light on the latest Rocket League matchmaking update, revealing it to be slightly different from what the developer had initially outlined. 

Known as the Competitive Skill Restriction, an official blog post confirms said update was originally designed to crack down on parties queuing for competitive matches if their skill levels were too far apart. But for those Average Joes not abusing the system, instead wanting to partner with friends from different tiers, Psyonix deemed the skill restriction to be, well, too restricting.  

Now, those matchmaking tweaks lend a party the ability to search for competitive games regardless of skill level, focusing instead on the highest-skilled player of the group as opposed to the team average. 

  • You can search for Competitive games in a Party with anyone in your friends’ list, regardless of their current skill tier.
  • Instead of averaging each player’s skill together in a Party, Party Skill is now based on the highest-skilled player in the group.
  • When skill ratings are updated after a match, the new Party Skill rating will be used to prevent players from ranking up faster by teaming up with lower-ranked friends.

In closing, Psyonix acknowledged the loopholes still affecting Rocket League, as it looks to zero in on those players exploiting rank boosting. 

What do you make of these minor changes? Meanwhile, Los Angeles will play host to the Rocket League Championship Series on August 6 and 7. 

[Source: Psyonix]