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Lone Developer Working on Final Fantasy XV Inspired Title “Lost Soul Aside” Contacted by Sony & Others

Last week, Korean indie developer Yang Bing caught the attention of many when he released a trailer (above) for a private video game project that he’s been working on. Called “Lost Soul Aside,” he started working on the game two years ago when he felt inspired by a trailer for Final Fantasy XV. It’s meant to be an action game with “fantasy art style, something like combining Final Fantasy and Ninja Gaiden,” as he puts it. Little did Bing know that companies would be so impressed by his work a week after the trailer’s release that they’d contact him with offers. 

According to him, he’s been contacted by Sony, Epic Games, and more who have expressed an interest in his work. Slightly overwhelmed by the response, the developer said that he wasn’t sure if he actually wanted to continue the project. After careful consideration, he’s decided to get in touch with the companies who contacted him with offers to help finish the game but not before he explained why he wanted to turn them down initially. Here’s what he posted on Facebook (verbatim):

I have thought that the reason I want to refuse their offer is the fear of tough life. But after talking with many of you I realized that the real reason is the fear of sharing my world.

Maybe we don’t know each other, but actually I’m a self-closing and nameless guy in real life, and now I realized my dream is not to create a game, is to create a world belongs to me, so I can dive into it from the real world, as I said that I planned to decorate the world little by little for maybe 10 years, I want the world to be beautiful, I want Kazer [the main character] to be powerful because I want to be one like him but I can’t.

I said I will make it commercial some day but when they really came to me, I’m scared just like someone want to take my world away from me, I begin to be like a little boy protecting his toy.

I have thought about this for a long time and I realized that I’m no longer lonely and nameless because of you. Everyone treats me as a friend instead of a developer. If you think my world is good then I should share it to you, even if it may turn out to be another one when it becomes commercial. I’ll have a try to show you the world I dreamed. I decide to take the opportunity.

Thank you everyone. I’ll try not to disappoint your expect and mine. It will be tough but I’d like to try. It was for myself but I’m glad to bring it to you now.

Bing has now set up a Facebook page where you can learn more about his project as well as take a look at screenshots and development updates. According to an FAQ on his page, platforms aren’t decided yet but, of course, this will also depend on the publisher should be choose to go with one.

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