Sony Netherlands Extends PS4 Warranty for All Launch Consoles With Disc Ejection Problems

A gamer in the Netherlands, Daan, received a PlayStation 4, and within three months, the console began to repeatedly eject his game discs. Sony sent him some online fixes to do himself, but within a few months, the console would start to eject the discs all over again. After trying to work with Sony to repair his launch PS4, his console was no longer covered under its warranty. Even though customer support admitted his problem was common, since his warranty had expired, he would have to pay to get the machine fixed. You can imagine how well that went over with Daan.

Daan teamed up with a fellow Dutch YouTuber, #BOOS, and the two went straight to Sony. With a few choice phrases, they were able to get the company to replace the defective console. Not only that, but they were able to get Sony Netherlands to extend the warranty for all launch PS4s across the Netherlands for this disc ejection issue, even if the consoles are out of warranty.

The YouTube video above documents #BOOS’ adventures with Daan to Sony, and how they were able to correct this warranty problem for Daan and anyone else in the Netherlands with this similar issue. Booth #BOOS and Daan hope that by sharing their story they can get Sony to extend the warranty to the entire EU, and possibly to the US for launch consoles that repeatedly eject discs.

It’s doubtful that it will reach across the Atlantic to North America, but the thought is rather pretty.

[Sources: YouTube via Reddit]