PlayStation Now coming to PC

Rumor: PlayStation Now Streaming Service Will be Announced for PC Later This Month

According to French gaming website Gamekult, Sony will be bringing the PlayStation Now streaming service to the PC. PlayStation Now is a subscription service that allows PlayStation 4 owners to stream and play PlayStation 3 games on their PS4 consoles. If this rumor is correct, PC gamers will also have an opportunity to stream the PlayStation 3 games available on PlayStation Now. This may not seem like a big deal, as so many PS3 games are already available on PC, but with this service, PC owners will be able to play any games that are PS3-exclusive.

Thanks to the power of Google Translation, we learned that this announcement from Sony will supposedly arrive on August 23rd, and Europe will get first crack at it.

According to our information, the announcement is scheduled for 23 August with a launch in stride Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK in the first place, while the United States and Canada should be able to enjoy a week later. Availability dates for France or Japan are not known, but it is already acquired it takes at least a PC running Windows 7, an internet connection at 5 MB / s or more and a compatible controller (preferably a DualShock 4) to enjoy 300 games catalog from their computer. Available since 2014 in North America and 2015 in Europe and Japan, the monthly subscription to PS Now currently costs 17 euros in France.

With the notation of “preferably a DualShock 4” controller, it suggests that the PC will receive official DualShock 3 support.

Sony has not commented on this rumor thus far. 

[Sources: Gamekult via NeoGAF]