Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland Co-Op Mode Revealed

When Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare releases on November 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, it will include the Zombies in Spaceland survival co-op mode.

Set in a 1980s space-themed theme park, Zombies in Spaceland follows four aspiring actors who head to a mysterious movie theater for an audition held by director Willard Wyler (played by Paul Reubens). Without warning, the actors (played by Seth Green, Ike Barinholtz, Jay Pharaoh, and Sasheer Zamata) are then transformed into characters and are sent into Wyler’s film to fight against waves of zombies. They also find the Spaceland DJ (played by David Hasselhoff), who will be an “invaluable resource.”

Infinity Ward Project Director Brian Bright said:

Call of Duty and zombies in particular has such an incredible history with passionate fans, which inspired us to take all the co-op action that has made the series so great and fuse it with one of our favourite decades in pop culture: the ’80s. Zombies in Spaceland is an all-new zombies experience where day-glow meets fright nights. It’s accessible for new players, but also has a deep layer of progression, brimming with easter eggs and various game features that will be a blast for hardcore zombies fans. We can’t wait for fans to go hands-on this fall.

On Wednesday, August 17 at 9am PT/12pm ET, the Call of Duty Twitch and YouTube channels will host a stream that offers up more information about Zombies in Spaceland, featuring Infinity Ward developers and Jay Pharaoh as host.

In addition to the Terminal bonus multiplayer map, pre-ordering Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare also gets you the Zombies in Spaceland Pack. This includes bonus in-game digital items, including a unique zombies weapon camo and reticle, animated zombies Playercard and Fate & Fortune card pack.

More details on Infinite Warfare will be revealed at Call of Duty XP in early September.