Report: PS4 Slim Images Leaked From Auction Site (Update)

Update: PushSquare has been in contact with Twitter user shortman82, who was able to buy a unit thus confirming that yep, the PS4 Slim that you see below is the real deal! More screens of the PS4 Slim have been added to the gallery as well.

Original Story: It’s no secret that a lot of secrets and announcements get leaked in the video game industry before they’re properly revealed, and another one might have just happened today.

Over on UK auction site Gumtree, a user by the name of “ADAM,” is selling what looks to be a PS4 slim version. Adam even mentions that the unit is “not in stores yet,” and is “brand new in sealed box.” I know what you’re thinking, it’s easy to say these things, right? Well, he’s got images to back ’em up all! Check out the gallery below for a ton of PS4 slim images which includes the box, cables and more.

Bear in mind that this could very well be an elaborate fake, but if it’s real, it’s not really surprising as Sony has released slim versions of its consoles since the first PlayStation. And don’t forget, Sony is hosting a “PlayStation Meeting” this coming September 7 (which, PlayStation LifeStyle was invited to) where we presume the PS4 Neo (or PS4K) will officially be unveiled. Could this new PS4 slim model be one of the reveals as well? It wouldn’t surprise me if so, to be honest.

What do you think, folks? Real or fake? Let’s say it’s legit, are you digging the design? We’ve reached out to Sony and will update the story if and when they provide a statement.

[Source: Gumtree via NeoGAF, Push Square]