Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut Launches on September 20 for PS4

A comedy adventure game set in an alternate reality Cold War World, Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut will be available on September 20 in North America for PlayStation 4. If you don’t want to watch all of the weird trailer, some gameplay can be seen beginning at 2:20.

First released on Steam in 2014, the Director’s Cut adds the wedding-themed deathmatch mode, complete with split-screen support for up to four people. In addition to unlockable characters from the single-player campaign, this mode also includes a variety of maps and bizarre gadgets.

Here’s what Necrophone Games’ Jess Brouse said about the Director’s Cut:

Let’s be honest, we’ve always been a bit leery about giving away too much info as to what our new content may entail. After all, jokes only work if you don’t know they’re coming. BUT! Suffice to say, our Jokes-Per-Minute meter is at an all time high! Some of the new content was resurrected from our faithful cutting-room floor, while others tidbits were decompressed fresh, straight out of our Brain.zip files! In either case, by distilling reams of precious User Data we’ve been able to strategically shoe-horn in the smattering of new content we’d always dreamed of– but didn’t know was scientifically plausible!

Another component of Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut that we really wanted to finesse was its couch-friendliness. It’s been clear for a long time that the subjects in our Test-u-Boratory best enjoyed our game whilst Jazzpunking™ along with a friend or two (or three?!). Laughs are often amplified with a co-pilot pointing out details, double-entendres, or catching obscure references. So to Up The Auntie of friendship, we’ve developed a top secret Wedding-themed deathmatch mode, with split-screen support of up to four friend (or enemies, gerbils, etc). It includes a generous helping of unlockable characters from the single player campaign, along with a variety of Honey Moon Destinations (ie: Deathmatch Maps). A gaggle of bizarre gadgets and deadly marital aids will help you tie the matrimonial noose with your friends!

A price wasn’t given for the PS4 version of Jazzpunk, but it’s $14.99 USD on Steam.

[Source: PS Blog]