Two New Aragami PS4 Gameplay Videos Jumps Out

In a press release sent out by Lince Works, two new Aragami gameplay videos have been revealed today. However, don’t expect much bloodshed or any killings, as the two trailers are more cinematic than action.

The first video, which you can watch above, shows the game’s protagonist moving from left to right (and yes, the video’s titled “Levels From Left to Right), giving us a glimpse of the different environments the game will take place in. 

The second one is called “Frozen in Time” and shows our ninja assassin protagonist Aragami doing a bunch of things and yep, it shows him in freeze shots where the camera pans around to give it a more cinematic effect. Both videos have music from “Two Feathers” and is part of the game’s official soundtrack. 

For more on Aragami, check out our preview of it at this year’s E3, or read up on our interview with Lince Works to know more about the stealth action game.

Aragami is scheduled to be released on the PS4 this fall.