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Mafia III Post-Release Content Includes Recurring Freebies, Story Expansions and More

At PAX West 2016, Hangar 13 and 2K Games revealed some of the post-release content coming to Mafia III. Players have been promised recurring free content that includes weapons, character outfits and more, alongside three story expansions. Let’s start with some of the freebies first:

All New Character Outfits

One of the biggest requests we keep getting from you – our fans – is about the ability to change Lincoln’s outfit. This is coming! New outfits will allow you to select a look that suits your tastes and define your take on Lincoln.

New, FREE Weapons

30 days after the game launches, everyone gets the “Judge, Jury and Executioner” golden weapons pack.

MORE Vehicle Customization

Hey, gearheads: We’ll be expanding upon the vehicle upgrades that already exist in Mafia III by adding new customization options. You can cherry out your favorite ride with new wheels, personalized license plates, and paint jobs. And, yes, you will get even more options to boost the performance on your vehicles.


Take your tricked-out fleet into the city and enter a series of races. From there, you can earn money, new customization options for your car, and other awesome rewards. We’ll have more details on exactly how the races will work in the future.

More free content will be detailed and released at a later time. As for the the three story expansions, we’re told that they’re “wholly separate experiences” that give an insight into Lincoln Clay’s time in New Bordeaux. Apparently, Italian mafia isn’t the only threat that he faces. Here’s a quick rundown of the expansions:

“Faster, Baby!”

Fast cars, dramatic chases, and stunt driving take center stage as Lincoln joins forces with his former flame, Roxy Laveau, to take down a corrupt Sheriff terrorizing Civil Rights activists on the outskirts of New Bordeaux.

“Sign of the Times”

A string of ritualistic killings has New Bordeaux on the edge of terror. At Father James’ request, Lincoln agrees to hunt down the cult responsible, a quest that will take him from the dark heart of the old bayou to the drug-ridden counterculture of the inner city.

“Stones Unturned”

When a merciless rival resurfaces in New Bordeaux, Lincoln must join forces with CIA agent John Donovan to settle a blood feud that began in the war-torn jungles of Vietnam.

The paid expansions will also offer exclusive vehicles, weapons, outfits and races based upon their themes. 

Last but not least, players will also find new activities to engage in. 

While expansions can be bought separately, the Season Pass is the cheaper deal if you want all three ($29.99 as opposed to $39.97). 

Mafia III is scheduled for release on October 7 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows and Mac.