Official Xbox Twitter Pokes Fun at PS4 Pro

Impressed by PS4 Pro? No? While the PlayStation LifeStyle staff has mixed reactions to the PS4 Pro, it seems Sony’s main rival — Microsoft and its Xbox One — isn’t that impressed as it took to Twitter to take a little jab at the PS4 Pro’s capabilities and features.

However, it doesn’t end there. The official Xbox Twitter account further added that the Xbox One S is available now, and is backwards compatible.

It’s not just the official Xbox Twitter account that doesn’t seem rattled by Sony’s upcoming mid-generation upgrade. Lead Planner for Xbox Alberto Penello and Head of Xbox Games Aaron Greenberg both had a few words to share as well — though in a lot more civil manner.

Given how the PS4 has a quite significant lead over the Xbox One, Sony might not be thinking about Microsoft’s statements too much, no? But then again, if Project Scorpio comes out and blows PS4 Pro out of the water, then that could lead to a shift in power. 

Do you think Sony deserves the little poke from Microsoft or should it focus on its own console and games lineup before taking jabs at any competitors?

[Source: Xbox (Twitter)]