Sony Implementing Forward Compatibility for PS4 Pro

At this afternoon’s PlayStation Meeting in New York, shortly after the announcement of the official PS4 Pro, Sony confirmed forward compatibility for the upcoming console. According to Mark Cerny, patches for over half a dozen first-party PlayStation 4 games are currently in the works to upgrade the video quality and performance to take full advantage of the 4K available in the PS4 Pro. In addition, a few third party games will also have patches for the same PS4 Pro compatibility.

However, Sony did caution that this does not mean only these games will be supported on the PS4 Pro. All versions of the PlayStation 4 will play all PS4 games. These games with patches will take advantage of the additional 4K features and performance that the PS4 Pro will offer over the PS4.

What this also means is that with this PS4 Pro forward compatibility, any older title for the PS4 can implement a patch to fully support the PS4 Pro features.

The PlayStation Meeting is still going on, so stay tuned for additional info.