Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Update Adds New Game Modes and Features

PopCap Games has announced a new update for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, marking the start of Trials of Gnomus. Players will get three limited-time game modes alongside new content, loot, weekly events and more. The modes are as follows:

  • Cats vs. Dinos – faceoff in a Jurassic battle of felines versus dinosaurs in this fast, competitive game mode fought in a new extra-large Gnomiverse multiplayer map.
  • Boss Hunt – team up with friends and take on the ultimate PvZ challenge as you battle epic bosses. Battle on higher difficulties to earn even bigger rewards.
  • Super Mix Mode – a new, crazier mix of Crazy Settings featuring different combinations of characters squaring off against each other.

You can find the patch notes detailing new features and fixes below.

New Features

  • Mystery Portal
    • Added a Mystery Portal in the Town Hall, where it goes… well that’s a mystery. Come back often to see where it takes you!
  • Mystery Portal Chests
    • Added 3 chests that require rainbow stars to open, each containing unique content
  • Super Mix Mode
    • Added new game mode type that can appear in Mystery Portal
  • Rux the Deal Breaker
    • Rux the Deal Breaker will sometimes appear in the sewers and sell rare and high value items
  • New Quest Board Quests
    • Added some new quest types
  • Trials of Eternity
    • Added the trials of eternity which may or may not test your abilities to the limit
  • Added new map
  • Added Cats vs Dinos Mode
    • Cats vs Dinos competing in elimination rounds (Only available at limited times through Mystery Portal)
    • Only playable on the all new Gnomiverse XL map
  • Added other surprises n’ stuff….


  • Fixed case where sometimes turrets would respawn immediately after being destroyed in Delivery Time Challenges
  • Fixed some customization clipping issues
  • Fixed rare black screen freeze when returning to backyard battleground
  • Fixed issue where Chompers feet wouldn’t trigger race checkpoints, resulting in players missing them
  • Fixed some auto-warping issues in Great White North Map
  • Fixed leaderboard scrolling UI issue
  • Fixed incorrect team showing as winning in end of round when castle gate is destroyed after time runs out in Seeds of Time map
  • Fixed some disconnection issues that displayed incorrect community portal stats
  • Fixed a few cases where player would remain as goat or Rocket Chomper after completing/failing delivery challenges
  • Fixed rare hang when player is trying to join a multiplayer match from portal
  • Fixed edge case that created looping audio using restart button during delivery time challenge
  • Fixed issue where players could shoot through the arm of the giant Zomboss Mech in Zombopolis
  • Fixed some display issues with Progress-o-meter when joining another players backyard battleground
  • Fixed some issues when restarting time challenge while gnome freeze time target is active
  • Fixed a few exploitable areas where players were able to climb out of world in Moon Base Z
  • Fixed issue where friends couldn’t join a friend in a multiplayer server when friends backyard battleground was set to private
  • Fixed issue where some players were not able to join a Garden/Graveyard Ops session when session was in progress
  • Fixed some collision bone issues for pirate and engineer turrets (was not updating with rotation of turret)
  • Added Breakfast Brainz and Toxic Citron AI to special challenges and challenge waves in Ops
  • Fixed incorrect difficulty being show when joining another players Backyard Battleground
  • Fixed audio issue of toxic citron weapon playing wrong flyby sound
  • Fixed a few instances where the end of round check-mark for being “ready” was inaccurately checked on
  • Fixed instance where players were able to play as character variants in Welcome Mat playlist
  • Fixed buggy chomp camera transition when chomped by Hot Rod/Fire Chomper and Count Chompula
  • Fixed instance where purchase coins button sometimes disappeared
  • Fixed some bad collision boxes in Frosty Creek
  • Fixed instance where a Failed to Connect message was being displayed even when successfully matchmaking
  • Made the Pea Shooter’s Chili bean non-pushable by characters
  • Fixed multiple issues with Gnome Bomb interfering with Legendary Modes. Picking up the Gnome Bomb no longer cancels Legendary Modes.

For more details and developer notes on tuning/balancing, follow the source link below.

[Source: PVZGW2]