Mafia III Isn’t About Racism But It’s Set During a Troubled Era, Says Dev

Mafia III developer, Hangar 13, has said that its upcoming crime title is set in a troubled era but the developers have no intentions to “climb on a soapbox and preach.” Instead, the aim is to make the game as realistic as possible and accurately capture the time period. In an interview with GamesBeat, Lead Writer Bill Harms explained:

We really did everything we could to not climb up on a soap box and preach. There is racism in the game, but the game is not about racism. The game is about Lincoln Clay, who destroyed the Italian mob in our version of New Orleans. You get a feel for a time and place. We reinforce where the game is set…. We have a term for it. We call it ‘cinematic realism.’ It’s not about those things. Those things are part of the game. It’s authenticity.

1968 saw its fair share of troubles outside of racism as well, which included some high profile assassinations alongside the Vietnam War. “We wanted to take a gift anti-hero and place him in a specific time and place in American history,” said Harms. 

Clay’s archenemy is Sal Marcano and the Cosa Nostra who we’ll seek revenge against when Mafia III launches on October 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: GamesBeat]