De Mambo Release Date

Action Platformer De Mambo Releases This Winter, Will Be At TGS

London-based developer The Dangerous Kitchen has announced that De Mambo will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PC this Winter. Whether it’ll end up releasing in 2016 or 2017 remains to be seen, but the spicy action platformer will look to heat up some excitement during the coldest season of the year. While primarily pitched as a local multiplayer game, the debut title from The Dangerous Kitchen will also include a solo mode that the studio says is like “Zelda 2 meets WarioWare.”

A trailer for the single-player mode, which has been creatively named Solo Mode, can be seen above. It’s not just multiplayer with bots, as players will have to traverse up a dangerous tower. Each stage will take place on a single stage and task the player with achieving different objectives. The mode is meant to “use the De Mambo formula in new and bizarre ways,” and will teach players all the skills they will need to succeed in multiplayer.

In multiplayer, gamers take control of one of four characters that are in a constant state of mambo (so basically four clones of myself). The gameplay in De Mambo is simple, as players only control movement with the d-pad and use one button to attack. The goal is to knock other dancers off the screen. That may seem simple, but there is a layer of depth to the one-button gameplay. Players can tap the button to poke, hold it for a bit to unleash a spin attack, and hold it even longer to fire projectiles.

Both of these modes will be shown off at Tokyo Game Show 2016. Developer The Dangerous Kitchen will be demoing De Mambo from September 15-18. Those attending can see it at Makuhari Messe in the indie room.

If you’re excited to mambo in a couple months, or will be attending the Tokyo Game Show, then let me know in the comments below.