Only One Person Is Implementing Days Gone’s PS4 Pro Support

It seems like PlayStation 4 Pro support might not require that much manpower to get working. According to Digital Foundry‘s Richard Leadbetter only one person is working on Days Gone‘s support of 4K and HDR, and only two people worked on the PlayStation Meeting demo of inFamous First Light. That’s an astonishing fact, but it speaks to how easy the PS4 Pro is to optimize for.

Speaking about the two inFamous PS4 games, Leadbetter stated that they are using “the checkerboard upscaling 4K technique.” He went on to state that getting an engine designed for 30fps to run at 60fps would “require a huge amount of development resource,” but that the PS4 Pro’s improved GPU can be used to “scale up to a much higher resolution.”

While Leadbetter was able to directly confirm that only two employees are working on the PS4 Pro implementation for inFamous Second Son and First Light, the Days Gone info comes from a second-hand source. “I don’t have first-hand on this, but somebody at the event told me that there’s just one guy there working on the PS4 Pro version,” said Leadbetter. “[It’s] quite remarkable bearing in mind how absolutely beautiful it looks.”

This is certainly great news for future PlayStation 4 Pro owners, as more developers will implement support for the system if they don’t have to set aside too many resources. After all, the PS4 Pro version is only reaching one segment of the gaming audience, so it wouldn’t make a ton of sense to put too much manpower behind something only a few will see.

(Source: Digital Foundry via Videogamer)