Manual Samuel Arrives on October 11 for PS4, October 14 for Xbox One & PC

Taking you through the worst 24 hours of the titular character’s life, Manual Samuel from Perfectly ParaNormal and Curve Digital releases on October 11 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4, with an Xbox One and PC release happening on October 14. Priced at $9.99/€9.99/£7.99, there will be discounts available at launch.

Described as a “dexterity-based adventure game with some twisted game mechanics that will exercise your smile muscles,” Manual Samuel starts with Samuel being knocked over, killed, and resurrected by Death. It’s then up to you to manually control everything Samuel does: using the right and left sticks to walk, pressing a button to breathe in and out, pressing a button to blink, hitting the shoulder buttons to walk, and more. “As the day progresses, Sam must keep his girlfriend and his boss happy – all whilst keeping Death happy,” Curve Digital adds.

As for the comedy angle, writer Ozan Drøsdal says, “Samuel’s manual affliction paves the way for some truly hysterical moments. From taking a leak to driving a car, the game makes a marvel of the mundane. And as the game progresses, Samuel’s adventures become even more surreal, making this one of the most spectacularly silly games in a long, long time.”

You’ll also be able to play Manual Samuel co-operatively with your friends.

[Source: PS Blog]