Tekken 7 Gets a TGS 2016 Gameplay Trailer, PS4 Pro Support “To Be Determined”

At Tokyo Game Show 2016, Bandai Namco brought out a new trailer for Tekken 7 that shows off some of the characters you can expect in the game. If you’re just interested in fighting, the gameplay footage begins at 1:35.

In an interview with Tekken Gamer, game designer Michael Murray revealed that, even though Tekken 7 is scheduled for release in early 2017, PS4 Pro support isn’t decided yet:

Our company as a whole still hasn’t decided their direction on this yet, so Tekken is still to be determined.

As for the planned PlayStation VR support, Murray said, “PSVR is something we are still exploring, as far as game mechanics go, so nothing to comment on at this time.”

In terms of characters who might return in Tekken 7, Murray said it’s tough to find the right balance between new and old fighters:

[Jun] isn’t dead, just missing. Whether she returns or not, isn’t something I can say right now. Like Eddy, Julia, Lei, or other iconic characters that aren’t currently in the game, it’s always difficult to find the right balance between bringing back returning characters, while at the same time keeping the series fresh with completely new ones.

Murray couldn’t comment on post-launch DLC right now, but he did add that “we should have more info about this in the future.”

Asked if there’s any new game mechanics to be revealed, Murray replied, “The base gameplay is pretty much done for the most part, besides game balances. However, there may be some game mechanic twists in Story Mode.”

[Source: TekkenGamer via WCCFTech]