Runner3 Announced, Scheduled for 2017

Developer Choice Provisions announced today that Runner3 is releasing in 2017. Platforms weren’t mentioned, but the first two Runner games are available on PlayStation platforms, so it’s possible Runner3 will come to at least PS4.

In the first blog post about Runner3, Choice Provisions said, “We are super excited to be back in the company of CommanderVideo and couldn’t be happier to announce, here and now, that in 2017, the Rhythm Alien will be running his way back into your lives! Runner3 will bring you more of what you loved in Runner2, along with some new features that will melt your Melchkins.”

They then added, “So in Runner3, we’re focusing on bringing our notions of difficulty and what makes a game rewarding front and center. The focus in Runner3 is on giving the player a joyous experience.” If you wish, you can be challenged relentlessly in Runner3. If you don’t want to be ultra-challenged throughout the game though, you’ll be able to that without penalty.

Expect more details about Runner3 about once a week going forward.

In celebration of Runner3’s announcement, Runner2 and The Bit Trip (which includes the first Runner) are $4.99 USD (50% off) on PS4 and PS Vita until October 3.

[Source: Runner3 Game]