Harmonix Music VR Complete Trophy List

Harmonix doesn’t have a Rock Band VR title just yet, but Harmonix Music VR may tide fans of the music genre over for the time being. Although the trophy list is rather subpar. Let’s hope the game itself is actually good. It’s one thing to not have a Platinum trophy, but then to only contain Bronze trophies? That hardly makes it worth the effort. Regardless, this is what we have, so if this game is on your watchlist with PlayStation VR, here’s what you will need to do to get all of the Bronze trophies.


  • Explorer – Played a song in each of the 4 worlds.
  • Dedicated – Made and completed a playlist of 9 songs or more.
  • Rule of Thumb Drive – Played an imported song.
  • Double It – Played the same song twice in a row.
  • Beach Comber – Activated all 10 visualization objects in the Beach.
  • Dude… – Spent over a minute in a single visualization in the Beach.
  • WigglyJiggly – Found the jellyfish.
  • Just Chill – Didn’t trigger a single visualization for an entire song in the Beach.
  • Zoned Out – Barely moved your head for an entire song in the Trip.
  • Check Your 6 – Looked behind you in the Trip.
  • Space Cadet – Played ten songs in the Trip.
  • Artiste – Used all of the brush tools in the Easel.
  • Stamp Master – Placed 100 objects in the Easel.
  • Perfectionist – Saved and loaded a creation in the Easel.
  • So long! – Flung a Dance Party character into the cold void.
  • Net Positive – Scored 99 points in a single song in Dance Party.
  • Scratch to the Future – Scratched the record for 5 seconds straight in the Dance Party DJ booth.
  • Party Starter – Hit the airhorn 20 times in a single song.
  • Trigger Happy – Fired the party cannon 50 times in a single song.

Harmonix Music VR doesn’t have an official release date yet, but is scheduled to launch in October. We still guess it will be at the time of the PlayStation VR launch on October 13, 2016.

[Source: Exophase]