A Bastard’s Tale Releases on October 4 for PS4

From No Pest Productions, A Bastard’s Tale is releasing on October 4 in North America and October 5 in Europe for PlayStation 4. The PS4 version will include all of the updates to the PC version, including gameplay tweaks and new enemies.

“The game is still unforgivingly difficult from the very first enemy,” No Pest says. “But the great enemy variation and intimate melee combat were the players have to read the opponent will hopefully give rise to satisfactory moments for the players.” They add that the main selling point is the gameplay mechanic where the player – and many of the enemies – can parry and attack in three different angles.

Here’s a list of the features in A Bastard’s Tale:

  • Unique game-play mechanics and a real challenge
  • 5 levels to beat with over 20 unique enemies to conquer
  • Replay value in New Game and New Game Plus
  • Set high-scores in an Endless Fighter Mode

A PS4 price wasn’t announced, but it’s currently $4.99 USD on Steam.

The release of A Bastard’s Tale on PS4 without a name change is somewhat of a surprise, as Sony previously asked the developers behind Stealth Bastard (released as Stealth Inc) and Bombing Bastards (released as Bombing Busters) to change their names.