Volume: CODA Now Available Thanks to Free Update

Mike Bithell’s 2015 stealth game Volume has received an update today. The game’s 1.05 patch is in order to add in the game’s PlayStation VR exclusive mode called Volume: CODA. It features 30 unique levels, a new story, and additional voiceover dialogue. Oh, and it’s completely free for anyone who owns the PS4 version.

Volume: CODA was developed by UK studio Just Add Water in conjunction with Volume creator Mike Bithell. The company is perhaps best known for their work on Oddworld titles. As they did the HD remasters of Abe’s Oddysee, Stranger’s Wrath and Munch’s Oddysee.

Over on Just Add Water’s website, the developer talked about the game, and its release. It seems like the UK studio is excited about virtual reality, as they tease more for the system. Check it out below:

Working with Bithell Games again has been a pleasure, watching the title come together between both teams has been an exciting and wondrous experience, as such we’re looking forward to our next PS VR title!

Volume originally released last year for PlayStation 4, and later came to PlayStation Vita. Inspired by classic stealth titles such as Metal Gear Solid, the game looks to provide a similar brand of gameplay. It’s the second major release from Mike Bithell, who initially found critical and commercial success with his platformer Thomas Was Alone.

Volume‘s 1.05 update is available now, and contains the 30 PlayStation VR exclusive levels that are found in Volume: CODA. It’s one of the over 30 launch titles that will be available for PlayStation VR.

(Source: Just Add Water)