Bandai Namco Has No Ridge Racer Games “Scheduled” for Consoles or PC

Bandai Namco surprised gamers by announcing a new Ridge Racer game yesterday on their YouTube channel. Called Ridge Racer Draw & Drift, the mobile title has players plotting their course by drawing it and then executing it by successfully drifting. It seems like a solid take on a familiar series to me, but there are many fans that were unhappy with the trailer.

“We want a true Ridge Racer [for] Console and PC,” wrote one YouTube user by the name of Dastukiim. The official Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe YouTube account replied “Thank you for your feedback but as of today we have no PC or Console Ridge Racer game scheduled.” The account ended up replying to several comments on the page, with my favorite being “‘Mobile crap’ is very harsh. Could you let us know what you don’t like about the game?”

While it’s easy to read Bandai Namco’s comment as saying that no console Ridge Racer game is in development (which very well could be the case, but who knows), it simply says that nothing is scheduled at the moment. Plus, your average social media employee doesn’t know the inner workings of the company they work for, so I would recommend not reading too much into the comment. A new Ridge Racer might happen, but it’s not going to be revealed by the poor employee that has to deal with YouTube comments.

However, it does raise an important question. Would you be interested in a new Ridge Racer game? Is it time for Ridge Racer PS4 or an entry for PlayStation VR? Let us know in the comments below.

(Source: YouTube via Twitter)