Helldivers Update 5.00 Today Adds PS4 Pro Support, New Equipment

Offered to PlayStation Plus members back in February, Helldivers received update 5.00 today, Arrowhead Game Studios has announced. Along with adding a new cape and a ceremonial bolt action rifle, the update also includes PS4 Pro support.

A 1.7GB download (at least on Steam), and arriving in celebration of Liberty Day, here’s the patch notes for Helldivers update 5.00:

New Content

  • Added the M2016 ‘Constitution’, a bolt action rifle used for ceremonial purposes. While not recommended to bring into the field, it is certainly possible to use for the very skilled or the very brave.
  • Added the Liberty cape in celebration of Liberty Day!
  • Added the Community cape, can be presented by the developers to outstanding individuals in the community.
  • Added the Developer cape, now you can recognize the devs in the wild.
  • Added support for PlayStation 4 Pro


  • Fixed an issue where you regained sprint stamina while meleeing. The sprint-melee spam technique should no longer work.
  • Fixed an issue where the convoy objective would travel into an obelisk wall before it was formed causing it to be destroyed instantly. Walls should now stop before hitting the convoy just like other objectives.
  • Fixed an issue with a white rectangle flickering in the character customization screen.
  • Fixed the statistic bars of the AT-47 to better represent the actual upgrades.

Balance Changes

  • The AT-47 now has 5 less ammunition without upgrades and 10 more when upgraded with Mk3. The result is that a fully upgraded AT-47 will have 5 more shots than before.
  • The LAS-13 ‘Trident’ has had its damage lowered, it was overperforming previously.
  • The LAS-16 ‘Sickle’ has had it’s damage lowered very slightly.

Arrowhead didn’t give out specific details on the PS4 Pro support.

If you have any questions for the developers, be sure to ask them in today’s Reddit AMA.

Are you still playing Helldivers?

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