Mark Cerny Will Reportedly Offer up More PS4 Pro Info This Week

Mark Cerny is set to shed new light on the PS4 Pro later this week, according to German YouTube channel Inside PlayStation.

Citing an invitation to a London media event called ‘Future of Play’ (November 2-3), it’s believed that the Lead System Architect will not only divulge additional technical tidbits, but also introduce a series of playable demos for Horizon: Zero DawnDays GoneGran Turismo Sport, Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite and Nioh. This is our first indication that Team Ninja’s long-in-development title will feature Pro support.

In a separate interview with Japanese outlet AV Watch, Cerny touched base on the issue of native 4K, before claiming that a console needs at least 8 teraflops of processing power to output in 4K. The PS4 Pro has 4.2, for the sake of perspective, a significant boost over the PS4’s 1.84 teraflops. That means the Pro model calls upon a feature known as ‘checkerboard rendering’ to achieve an image “extremely close to 4K.”


PS4 Pro launches worldwide on November 10.

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