Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers Now Available for PS4, Xbox One & 3DS

Priced at $29.99 USD/£19.99 through retail and digital stores, Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo 3DS. According to the PlayStation Store, it’s a 136MB download.

A side-scrolling action game you can play solo or with up to three friends in local drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, Battle Crashers sees Uncle Grandpa accidentally driving the UG-RV through multiple dimensions, picking up Gumball, Steven Universe, Finn, Mordecai, and Clarence in the process. Working together to defeat the evil shard creatures, you can choose between these characters: Finn & Jake, Clarence, Steven, Gumball, Uncle Grandpa, and Rigby & Mordecai.

“Use each character’s unique attacks and special moves to conquer the elements, fight your way through all the levels and beat some brutal boss battles,” the description adds. “Replay maps with special modifiers to switch up the fun, and unlock bonus rooms along the way.” You’ll also be able to unlock a Bonkers mode that remixes stages.

[Source: PlayStation Store]