Latest Let It Die Trailer Details Multiplayer

While recent trailers for Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Online’s Let It Die have focused on the single-player experience, we now know that the game will have some PVP fun. The game will have players building bases that can then be raided by other players and vice-versa. Those that can successfully pull off a heist will get valuable resources that can be used in the single-player, and can even get new fighters!

Here’s how GungHo’s Antonio Cara described the mode on the PlayStation Blog:

After progressing through the first few floors of the Tower of Barbs, players gain access to the insanely creepy robotic NPC, Tetsuo. This clunky, shuffling monstrosity offers players the chance to sign up for a team and start raiding enemy Waiting Rooms. During a raid, you can steal enemy resources (Kill Coins and SPLithium) and accrue points for your team by defeating enemy Fighters.

There’s also a chance that a Fighter you’ve defeated will be knocked unconscious, allowing you to pick them up and drag them back to your base. While captured, enemy Fighters will remain trapped in your bathroom and generate a set amount of SPLithium over time. They also become inaccessible to their original user until they pay a set fee or rescue them during a revenge raid. As you and other members of your team continue to raid Waiting Rooms (individually) and defeat other teams’ Fighters, your team rank will increase. Go for glory and help your team reach the top of the leaderboards while simultaneously boosting your personal ranking within the team.

Cara also explained how players will be able to defend their own base. Players will purchase more powerful fighters, and can store them at their base. These fighters will then attack enemies that try to steal your materials. You’ll want to have several fighters that are equipped for battle, or you’ll find yourself getting robbed more often than not.

Are you getting more excited about playing Let It Die multiplayer? We’ll have a preview and an interview with the game’s director going up next week, so be on the lookout for that!

(Source: PlayStation Blog)