The Assassin’s Creed II Remaster Has Some Issues

November 18, 2016Written by Tyler Treese


The Assassin’s Creed series isn’t a stranger to glitches. Assassin’s Creed Unity received heavy backlash due to it, and had some faceless characters that drew ire from fans. No matter how rampant they are, a few glitches can color perception on a game, and now Assassin’s Creed II is largely being regarded as a mess due to a video posted by Polygon.

The video shows some horrendous looking background characters that look more like a monster than a human. It also shows Ezio climbing as if he was an arachnid instead of a human. It’s a bad look for Ubisoft when they’re trying to sell people the Ezio Collection.

Clips of these issues (like the one above) quickly went viral on social media. This caused memes to spawn around the web, and it completely took over video game Twitter for a few hours. While the talk has moved onto other subjects by today, this Italian citizen will forever live on in my heart.

It’s a real shame that such a beloved game (it came in at #2 on our list of best Asssassin’s Creed games) is running into such issues. According to Gamespot the bugs don’t currently seem to be able to be replicated 100% of the time, so it’s worth pointing out that everyone’s mileage may vary. Games are complex pieces of software and a number of things can go wrong and cause issues. Personally, I’m a bit bummed it’s not impacting all players as it made me more interested in playing the remaster.

Let us know in the comments if you’re mad about this, or just enjoying all of the hilarity that has come out of it.

(Source: Polygon, Gamespot)