PSA: The Witness PS4 Pro and HDR Support Patch is Out Now

As announced back in September, Jonathan Blow’s The Witness will now be supporting PlayStation 4 Pro. We can confirm that the patch went live this weekend so if you haven’t already, you can download it now.

In case you missed it, the update brings the following two modes for 4K TV owners:

(a) 1440p 2x MSAA rendering of the game world, upscaled to 4k, text and UI rendered at 4k, 60fps

(b) 4k 2x MSAA rendering for everything, 30fps

If you have a PS4 Pro and are are outputting to a 1080p TV, the game will render at 1080p, 60fps, 4x MSAA, which is “substantially higher than the base PS4’s 900p, 60fps, 2x MSAA.”

In case you don’t have a PS4 Pro, you can still benefit from the patch as it supports HDR. As long as you have a compatible TV, the game will start in HDR mode.

[Source: The Witness]