Destroy All Humans 2 Comes to PS4 Tomorrow, Includes a Platinum Trophy

Sony has revealed that the next PlayStation 2 game coming to PlayStation 4 is Destroy All Humans 2, and it arrives tomorrow, November 29 in North America. A price wasn’t given, but the first Destroy All Humans! is currently $19.99 USD.

According to Exophase, Destroy All Humans 2 includes a Platinum trophy on PS4. The two Gold Trophies ask you to beat the game and achieve 100% completion.

Here’s the description for Destroy All Humans 2:

Assume the role of the human-hating alien Crypto once again, in the sci-fi action adventure spoof, bound to enslave mankind. Take revenge on humanity for destroying your mothership. Take on new enemies such as secret agents, giant creatures, Soviet Forces, and even ninja warriors in an expanded open-world.

There’s no European release date for Destroy All Humans 2, but the first Destroy All Humans! came to Europe two weeks after North America.

If you’re wondering about Red Faction, it was removed from the PlayStation Store in North America after going up last week. Expect it to be back up on December 6, complete with a $14.99 USD price tag and a Platinum Trophy. The Platinum won’t be easy, as you’ll have to beat the campaign on Impossible to get one of the Golds.

Do you think Sony will have any PS2-on-PS4 surprises for us this Saturday during the PlayStation Experience keynote?

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