Resogun is Getting a PS4 Pro Update

Housemarque has announced that their shoot ’em up launch title Resogun will be receiving an update for PS4 Pro. While a date hasn’t been locked down yet, it’s coming “soon.” It’ll display the game at 4K and HDR support will also be added. The game, which is an updated version of Defender, is already gorgeous, so it’s going to be a sight to behold once the patch is ready.

To celebrate the news, Housemarque released a free shirt design on their Twitter (check it out above). You can download the shirt and then have it printed at a T-shirt shop. A very cool bonus from the Finnish developer.

Here’s what Chandler had to say about the title back when it released as a PlayStation 4 launch title in 2013:

Resogun is short, but considering the challenge, an added online co-op mode, and a reliance on besting high-scores that you’ll actually feel compelled to beat, there’s plenty to keep you busy. The controlled, yet utter chaos on-screen is satisfying, calls for the perfect balance of strategy and skill, and rewards the player through great gameplay. Despite being digital, and currently free via PlayStation Plus on the PS4, Resogun is well worth paying for and can stand up against any of the AAA retail games available at the PS4’s launch in terms of sheer enjoyment alone.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be getting back into Housemarque’s launch hit now that it’ll support PS4 Pro!

(Source: Housemarque)