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Former Crytek Employee Turns to Crowdfunding for Legal Action Against the Studio

FX Artist Ludvig Lindqvist, who recently resigned from Crytek following months of non-payment, has launched a crowdfunding effort to take legal action against the studio and help other employees do the same with any excess funds. On his Gofundme campaign page, Lindqvist accused the Crysis developer of delaying salaries since May this year. He resigned after not being paid for over two months.

Ever since May this year, salaries have been delayed. Today as I’m creating this GoFundMe campaign, 14th December 2016, it was 58 days since Crytek paid me my September salary. Two whole months have failed to make it to my account. The last salary I got was one month late.

Salary delay put strain on my personal economy which force me to seek legal action against Crytek.

As a result of not getting paid, I will struggle with lawyer costs. Therefore I kindly ask for your support.

This isn’t the first time Crytek employees have gone without pay. It remains to be seen what action, if any, the studio will now take.

If you’re interested in supporting the campaign, click here.