Best of 2016 Awards – Best PlayStation Exclusive

Rounding out our Best of 2016 awards this week before we get to the big ones next week, PlayStation LifeStyle picks the best PlayStation-exclusive title to come out in 2016. By “PlayStation-exclusive,” we mean the games that can’t be played on any console other than a PlayStation device.

This award could very well be the hardest one to vote on since the games listed are just of high quality, that we wouldn’t blame you if you thought another game should have won. Needless to say, all the games nominated deserve to be played by every PS4 owner.

Same as in our other awards, the winner was picked based on the total number of votes it got among staff, and not based on the review score.

What’s your pick for the best PlayStation-exclusive of 2016? And did we forget to include a game?

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