Surf World Series Brings Arcade-Style Surfing to PS4, Xbox One & PC in 2017

Offering pure arcade-style surfing across five legendary surfing destinations (including Bells Beach, Australia and Waimea Bay, Hawaii), Surf World Series is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017, developer Climax Studios announced today.

Tasking you with becoming a master of the waves by learning increasingly difficult tricks and navigating tubes, Surf World Series includes 45 single-player challenges, the ability to rank up and unlock further customization options, and six playable characters. In terms of multiplayer, you can expect online play against up to 15 other players across three different modes.

Climax Studios CEO Simon Gardner said:

Surfing is an amazing sport that’s been pretty underrepresented in games for some time, so we wanted to bring surfing fans a fun, arcade-style experience that’s all about mastering waves and racking up huge high scores. Surf World Series is a celebration of those moments when board and wave work together in perfect harmony.

When someone mentioned that they hope to see HDR and 4K PS4 Pro support, Producer Jamie Fisher responded by saying, “We’ll be supporting all of them at launch.”

[Source: PS BlogSurf World Series]