PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year 2016 Winner!

Here it is! We’re down to our final end-of-year awards and as one can expect, it’s for the biggest one there is! To end things with a bang, PlayStation LifeStyle awards what we deem the best game of the year.

If you weren’t able to keep track of all the awards we’ve given out for our Best of 2016 month-long celebration, you can check them out here, or watch the video above to see all the categories, winners and of course, our pick for Game of the Year 2016!

What game did we think was the best one out of the bunch this 2016? Check out the gallery below to find out. And don’t forget, same as with our awards, the winner is based on a staff-wide vote and isn’t determined by the review score, or any other metric. In short: this is the game the PSLS staff most voted on as their personal Game of the Year. Needless to say, the games nominated are all must-plays and should be in your gaming collection. If not, go get ’em, you won’t regret it.

Shocked by our pick? No? What’s your game of the year for 2016? Discuss and share your pick in the comments! And don’t forget, it’s fine to have different tastes, alright?

What’s next for PlayStation LifeStyle? Well, seeing as we’re not taking a break at all this holiday, prepare for more features, and end-of-year specials next week!

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You can check out the other Best of 2016 winners here!

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