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Looking Forward to Sony’s 2017 Published Games

PlayStation LifeStyle recently took a look at Sony’s 2016 published games, so it only made sense to look into the future. After all, the only thing more exciting than the games PlayStation 4 owners can already play are the ones that are still being worked on. So, check out what Sony 2017 games are currently set for release.

Just a note: several of Sony’s upcoming games don’t have any sort of release date at all attached to them. That meant that games like DreamsFarpoint, Detroit: Become Human, and Matterfall were left off the list. Those very well could end up being 2017 releases, but Sony isn’t ready to date them.

Check out the full list of Sony 2017 games below:

Currently the 13 games can be broken down into three categories: original games, sequels, and remasters. There are currently three original games set to release in 2017 (although that can certainly change): NiohDrawn to Death, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Meanwhile, there are four remastered titles and six sequels.

It’s also worth noting that more games will almost definitely be announced as the year goes on. This is only a taste of what 2017 will have to offer, but huge releases are typically known for a while ahead of release. There will likely be some smaller first-party titles announced, but don’t expect something as big as an Uncharted to get announced a few months before release.

Let us know in the comments what Sony 2017 games you’re most looking forward to, and if you’re happy with Sony’s upcoming output. Are there enough original games coming out?

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