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Tequila Works Discusses Rime’s Rocky Development

Former PlayStation exclusive Rime has been the subject of many rumors since it was first announced in 2013. Now that the game is finally set to release this May for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, developer Tequila Works is starting to open up about the game’s development cycle. While they admit that there were times they thought the project would have to be canceled at certain points, it was never due to any funding issues.

“There were a lot of moments where we thought that the game wasn’t going to be released,” said the game’s creative director Raul Rubio to IGN. ” In fact, I was completely sure of that once. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.” Rubio told the outlet that when the game was in trouble it was always due to technical issues the team was trying to overcome, and that when the most recent cancellation rumors were spreading the studio was in the process of moving to a larger office.

Despite the rocky development cycle (more of which is detailed over at IGN’s excellent interview), Rubio does believe that Rime is a better game for it. “We are now using Unreal Engine 4,” said the director. “That engine has evolved, so we can include many more features and visual effects that weren’t possible then. Now we have a bigger structure and many islands, not just one.”

PlayStation owners (alongside gamers on every console and PC) will be able to finally enjoy Rime when it releases in May of this year.

(Source: IGN)