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Versus – PS4 vs PS4 Pro Boost Mode

With confirmation that PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.50 will bring a “Boost Mode” for the PS4 Pro, we’re naturally curious how this new feature sizes up compared to the games performance of the original PS4.

In this Versus episode, PlayStation LifeStyle pits the PS4 vs PS4 Pro Boost Mode gameplay experiences from what we know so far. While it’s obvious that the PS4 Pro’s Boost Mode will understandably fare better on a technical level, we take a look at it whether it’s worth upgrading your original PS4, or how valuable this new feature is. Curious? Yeah, you should be.

What do you think? Will this PS4 Pro Boost Mode feature give a significant upgrade to old games? And will it be as big of an improvement as some people assume it’ll be?

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Versus is PlayStation LifeStyle’s recurring video series where we pit a game, franchise, basically anything game-related against another and pick a winner.

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