PSLS Help Desk – Creating PSN Teen Accounts

A Teen Account is a great in-between account for your older kids who don’t fully need parental restrictions anymore. Perhaps they’re also ready to be allowed to play games online. As a parent, you can choose whether to allow your teen to access the PlayStation Network as well as make purchases with their own account.

Setting up a Teen Account

If you don’t use auto-login, choose [+New User] at the login screen. If you’re already logged in, hold down the PS button on your controller, select [Switch User], and then [+New User].

  • Read and accept the User Agreement.
  • On the “Sign in to PlayStation Network” screen, choose [New to PlayStation Network? Create an Account] at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose [Sign Up Now].
  • Enter your Region, Language, and Date of Birth. If the user’s birthdate puts them between 13 and 17 years old, a Teen Account will be automatically created.
  • The next screen will explain a Teen Account. Select [Next] when ready.
  • Enter your Postal Code, City, and State/Province and choose [Next].
  • Enter an email address and the password you’d like for the account.
  • Pick a username. Please note that YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT once you’ve created it.
  • The following two steps let you decide who you can see your activities, Trophies, Friends, and gameplay videos if you are granted PSN access.
  • For the final step, your parent/guardian must sign into the Master Account in order to allow access to the PSN.

Enabling PSN Access for a Teen Account

  • Sign into the PS4 with the Teen Account.
  • Go to [Settings] > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] > [Sign-in to PlayStation Network].
  • A message will pop up, saying the account needs to be confirmed before the Teen Account can go online. Have parent choose [OK] to continue.
  • Parent will need to sign in with their Master Account and confirm that they wish to activate a Teen Account.
  • The parent/guardian can then confirm the Teen Account info (if they didn’t set it up), and set restrictions for chat, set a monthly spending limit, and restrict any sharing activities.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • The Master Account holder will receive an email confirming the Teen Account. Open the email and click the link to verify the account.
  • Once the parent/guardian verifies the account, select [OK] on the next two PS4 screens. The user can now sign into their Teen Account and access the PSN according to the parent’s restrictions.

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