Latest PS4 Sharefactory Update Is Now Live, Features Detailed

With the just-released 4.50 update (codenamed Sasuke) for the PlayStation 4 comes a big update for Sharefactory. The update brings a whole slew of new features for Sharefactory that will now allow users to pretty much make their videos entirely in the application.

The biggest of these new features is the ability to import content such as images and video into Sharefactory via USB. The feature will allow users to import their own custom intros, titles, outros, and more, ostensibly allowing users to do all their editing just in Sharefactory.

In addition to this, the new Clone Clip feature will allow users to make a duplicate of any clip that’s currently being used in the project while retaining all of its filters, stickers, text, clip duration, and more. This will make it easier for users to edit clips without having to redo certain things over and over.


It will also now be easier to bring new clips and screenshots into Sharefactory as the Capture Gallery will now allow users to select up to 16 video clips or screenshots and directly import all of them into a new project in Sharefactory, which makes starting new projects easier and quicker.

Along with these three new features, the following are also included with the new update:

  • Added over 30 textures you can use to personalize your text as well as the ability to freely scale your text
  • New Infomercial Sharefactory Theme
  • New Photo Mode collages with support for up to 16 images
  • New Photo Mode Templates
  • New stickers
  • Contextual Help has now been added throughout Sharefactory
  • Updates to the UI

Sharefactory Update 2.50 is now live and available and will be downloaded and installed along with Update 4.50 for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog (US)]