MXGP 3 Release Date Delayed

The release date of MXGP 3, which claims itself to be the official Motocross video game, has officially been delayed, according to an announcement by the company on the game’s official website.

According to the announcement, instead of the previously announced release date of May 12, 2017, the game will now release on May 30 for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and South Africa. As for the game’s fans in the US, they’ll have to wait for June 20, 2017 to get their hands on MXGP 3.

Developer Milestone cites additional and vital polishing as the reasons for the release date’s delay.

There’s no point in turning up at the start line sat on the back of a bike you know could be a little bit better, a little bit sharper, a little bit faster.

In the meantime, the developer also showed a new trailer showing off one of the game’s new community-request features, Scrub control.

[Source: MXGP 3 Delayed]