The Crew Won’t Receive Any Major Updates in the Coming Months

Support for the game will continue, but Ubisoft has announced that The Crew won’t receive any major updates in the coming months.

In their statement, the company teased that The Crew has only just begun:

Since the launch of The Crew in December 2014, an incredible community of passionate players has grown and followed the evolution of the game.

With two expansions, several new PvE and PvP features, a complete graphical upgrade, weather effects, and of course new vehicles to name but a few, we’ve been continuously driven to expand the experience for all our players.

Today we want to inform you that we won’t be releasing any major updates in the coming months, but rest assured that The Crew has only just begun.

Along with additional police vehicles, the future of The Crew also includes a different themed Free Drive Challenge every month for Wild Run and Calling All Units expansion owners.

Last week, The Crew received a new update that brought some Summit changes and bug fixes.

As of November 2016The Crew had more than 10 million registered players.

If you’re interested in buying The Crew, PlayStation Plus members in North America can buy the Ultimate Edition for $24.99 USD until April 3.

What do you hope to see from the future of The Crew?

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