Kero Blaster Hits PS4 on April 11

From Daisuke Amaya, creator of Cave Story, side-scrolling action platformer Kero Blaster is releasing on April 11 for PlayStation 4. A price wasn’t given for the PS4 version today, but the PC version is $9.99 USD.

His first game since quitting his job making printer software and becoming a full-time game developer, Amaya explained how Kero Blaster differs from Cave Story:

Kero Blaster is a linear side-scrolling action platformer. In contrast to the detailed exploration of Cave Story, in Kero Blaster the player simply proceeds right, encounters enemies, defeats the boss and moves on in a series of seven different stage types.

If the enemies feel too strong, you can power yourself up at the stores located midway through the stages. It’s designed so that players with less experience in action games can take on the challenge at their own pace.

Zangyou Mode, which is “for action-game veterans who beat the game quickly and want more,” can be unlocked in the PS4 version by beating the game once.

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