PlayStation VR Could Make Its Way to Arcades Soon

The PlayStation VR has proven to be quite the success for Sony, selling over 900,000 units so far as of February 2017. But it looks like the company isn’t quite satisfied with the PSVR’s performance just yet as a report from Wall Street Journal reveals that the company is looking into bringing the hardware to the location-based entertainment market in Japan due to the “slower-than-expected” adoption of the PSVR in the consumer market.

The company has already formed a location-based entertainment unit to work on bringing the PSVR to different markets as the company hopes to partner with arcades, theme parks, and the like. Sony is hoping that by expanding the PSVR into the location-based entertainment market, more consumers will become aware of the hardware and have a chance to try it out before investing in the device for their homes.

This is quite a good move by Sony, as one of the barriers many consumers have to go through before they decide to purchase a PSVR is to actually spend time and experience the device to discern whether it truly is for them and worth the investment. If the PSVR becomes a regular feature in arcades, it will provide a convenient way for consumers to experience the hardware before deciding to spend money on the home version.

[Source: Wall Street Journal via]