Study: Millennials Think PlayStation Is the Coolest Gaming Brand, Gen Z Thinks It’s Xbox

According to studies commissioned by Google that surveyed 1,100+ teenagers aged 13 to 17 and 800 millennials aged 18 to 25 in the United States between May and July 2016, Generation Z thinks Xbox is a cooler brand than PlayStation. Millennials, meanwhile, think PlayStation is the coolest video game brand.

Here’s a look at what Gen Z thinks are the coolest brands, and what the most popular video games are for teenage boys:

Coolest Brands

  1. YouTube
  2. Netflix
  3. Google
  4. Xbox
  5. Orea
  6. GoPro
  7. PlayStation
  8. Doritos
  9. Nike
  10. Chrome

Most Popular Video Games

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Pokemon
  • Minecraft
  • CS:GO

Looking at brand coolness by aided awareness, teens put Sony and PlayStation ahead of Xbox and Nintendo. In the lower tiers, Wii was ahead of EA Sports.

The study also found that, for Gen Z, “reading is right up there with video games as the coolest activities. Teens love learning and knowing.”

You can read the full study by following the link below.

[Source: Google via GameSpot]