Yooka-Laylee’s Day One Update Will Improve Performance, the Camera

Addressing performance, bugs, and camera issues, Yooka-Laylee will have a day one patch, developer Playtonic Games has revealed to Eurogamer. The update is available for Xbox One right now, and will come to PlayStation 4 and PC before launch on April 11.

Here’s what to expect from the update:

Fixed Issues

  • Camera will become locked in place after completing Gravity Room challenge in Galleon
  • Grappling the seeds as they break in Planker’s challenge causes erratic behaviour in Moodymaze Marsh
  • Game softlocks and has to be reset if the player leaves the course and faints during the Nimble race in Tribalstack Tropics
  • Softlock will sometimes occur on the Hub C slide if the player faints at the same moment as the timer reaching zero
  • If the player leaves Brreeeze Block’s room in the Icymetric Palace in Glitterglaze Glacier but remains in the world and returns to the same room then the isometric camera will be deactivated
  • If player is killed by a bizzy in hub B and knocked back into the archive door at the exact same time, the screen will still transition. When the player respawns, they will be unable to move


  • Performance improvements to various camera transitions in the introductory cut scene
  • Performance improvements to Shipwreck Creek and Hivory Towers. Various areas have been improved including camera movement
  • Performance improvements when using the light beam in the Icymetric Palace within Glitterglaze Glacier
  • Performance improvements during the House of Cards ball roll course in Capital Cashino
  • Performance improvements in the Bee-Bop arcade game

In our review of Yooka-Laylee, the camera was one of the issues we highlighted. “Yooka-Laylee’s camera is generally not a nuisance, but every now and then it locks its Y-axis in the wrong spot,” we wrote. “A simple press of the R1 button brings the camera directly behind you, but the awkwardness of the camera tends to kick in during some of the aforementioned challenging portions of the game, which can hinder your progress a bit. Not a deal-breaker, but annoying nonetheless.”

It remains to be seen if the day one patch will be the one that removes YouTuber JonTron from the game.

As mentioned in the launch FAQ, future Yooka-Laylee updates will add the orchestral soundtrack, 64-bit shader, and dev commentary Stretch Goals. Playtonic said, “Our priority was to deliver the core game experience to our backers without further delay and we hope you look forward to these free additions in the near future!”

If you backed Yooka-Laylee on Kickstarter, physical copies for all platforms are shipping out now. Digital PS4 copies will be sent out on Monday, April 10.

[Source: Eurogamer, Playtonic Games]