Ninja Theory Explains Drawbacks of Publisher Model and Why It Decided to Self-Publish Hellblade

As part of its ongoing coverage of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Game Informer has published a new interview with Creative Director Tameem Antoniades, in which he shares some interesting insight into the publisher model and explains why Ninja Theory decided to self-publish its games.

While he recognizes the benefits of studios securing publishing deals, Antoniades said that it can hamper creativity and he wants to look for a middle-ground between indie and AAA. “The reason there isn’t a Heavenly Sword sequel is partly because we don’t own it,” he said. “Same for Enslaved [Odyssey to the West].”

Publishing own games at a lesser cost with a smaller team, but with the content and quality that’s on par with AAA games, gives studios the chance to nurture their own IPs, we’re told. Developers can then follow their own direction and take risks that publishers don’t necessarily want to take.

Antoniades also talked a bit about Ninja Theory’s canned game, Razer, around the 3.11 mark.

It’s an interesting conversation so it’s worth watching the full video above!

[Source: Game Informer]